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Hair Activation

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There are certain cells within the hair follicle. which can be isolated and infused into the villous(dying) hair follicles to convert them to terminal anagen follicles. Advance PRP, Laser, EMR, Dema roller with topicals also have a role to play in hair activation

$ 500/ 29,900/ per Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable


only @ nigams
Scarless (virtually no white dots at donor). Virtually painless(ouchless needle, Mesogun, coolant technology). Exclusive implantation by pen like injections. Fusion of hair restoration with biotech (Hair root cells, Advance PRP & Active Follicle cells).

$ 500/ 29,900/- per Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable

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Potential Donor Preservation / Doubling

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A hair follicle can also be bisected under magnification, at it's root, thus from 1 hair follicle, there is potential to create 2 hair follicles. The growth of bisected hair follicles are supports by various technique potential to create 2 follicle from one

$ 1000/ 60,000/- per Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable

Advance Medical Prescription

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With topicals., dermaroller, laser, advance 250ml PRP for delaying baldness, stopping hairfall and may grow hair in certain patients. We have new unique method to stop hairfall and potentially regrow,dying(miniaturizing) hair follicles

$ 200/ 12,000/- per Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable


Dr. Nigam Himself After 1-1/2 Year Of Bio Tech Treatments

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$ 500/ 29,900/- per 1200 Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable

Body Hair Transplant

$ 500/ 29,900/- per Session Medicines fee & Tax aplicable

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